Adds React and DOM specific behaviors to the editor.

withReact<T extends Editor>(editor: T, clipboardFormatKey = 'x-slate-fragment'): T & ReactEditor

When used with withHistory, withReact should be applied outside. For example:

const [editor] = useState(() => withReact(withHistory(createEditor())))

clipboardFormatKey option

The clipboardFormatKey option allows you to customize the DataTransfer type when Slate data is copied to the clipboard. By default, it is application/x-slate-fragment but it can be customized using this option.

This can be useful when a user copies from one Slate editor to a differently configured Slate editor. This could cause nodes to be inserted which are not correctly typed for the receiving editor, corrupting the document. By customizing the clipboardFormatKey one can ensure that the raw JSON data isn't copied between editors with different schemas.

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