Check hooks

React hooks for Slate editors

useFocused(): boolean

Get the current focused state of the editor.

useReadOnly(): boolean

Get the current readOnly state of the editor.

useSelected(): boolean

Get the current selected state of an element.

Editor hooks

useSlate(): ReactEditor

Get the current editor object from the React context. Re-renders the context whenever changes occur in the editor.

useSlateWithV(): { editor: ReactEditor, v: number }

The same as useSlate() but includes a version counter which you can use to prevent re-renders.

useSlateStatic(): ReactEditor

Get the current editor object from the React context. A version of useSlate that does not re-render the context. Previously called useEditor.

Selection hooks

useSlateSelection(): (BaseRange & { placeholder?: string | undefined; onPlaceholderResize?: ((node: HTMLElement | null) => void) | undefined }) | null

Get the current editor selection from the React context. Only re-renders when the selection changes.

useSlateSelector<T>(selector: (editor: Editor): T, equalityFn?: (a: T, b: T) => boolean): T

Similar to useSlateSelection but uses redux style selectors to prevent rerendering on every keystroke.

Returns a subset of the full selection value based on the selector.

Bear in mind rerendering can only prevented if the returned value is a value type or for reference types (e.g. objects and arrays) add a custom equality function for the equalityFn argument.


const isSelectionActive = useSlateSelector(editor => Boolean(editor.selection))

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