Slate Component

Slate(props: SlateProps): JSX.Element

The Slate component must include somewhere in its children the Editable component.


type SlateProps = {
  editor: ReactEditor
  value: Descendant[]
  children: React.ReactNode
  onChange?: (value: Descendant[]) => void

props.editor: ReactEditor

An instance of ReactEditor

props.value: Descendant[]

The initial value of the Editor.

This prop is deceptively named.

Slate once was a controlled component (i.e. it's contents were strictly controlled by the value prop) but due to features like its edit history which would be corrupted by direct editing of the value it is no longer a controlled component.

props.children: React.ReactNode

The children which must contain an Editable component.

props.onChange: (value: Descendant[]) => void

An optional callback function which you can use to be notified of changes in the editor's value.

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