A few resources that are helpful for building with Slate.


These libraries are helpful when developing with Slate:

  • is-hotkey is a simple way to check whether an onKeyDown handler should fire for a given hotkey, handling cross-platform concerns like cmd vs. ctrl keys for you automatically.

Extensions and Plugins

These extensions and plugins add additional features and capabilities to Slate:

  • @liveblocks/yjs A fully-hosted WebSocket infrastructure and persisted data store for Yjs documents

  • Plate Rich text editor plugin system for Slate & React

  • slate-angular Angular-based view layer, which is a useful supplement to Slate for building a rich text editor using Angular.

  • slate-yjs Collaborative editing utilities for Slate leveraging Yjs

  • slate-collaborative Collaborative editing utilities for Slate leveraging Automerge


These products use Slate, and can give you an idea of what's possible:

  • Aline: Digital contracting for the modern enterprise

  • Archbee: Build better product docs with your team

  • Campfire: The most versatile writing software [for fiction]

  • Chatterbug: Learn languages from real people

  • CoCalc: Collaborative calculation and data science

  • Coda: Coda brings all your words, data, and teamwork into one powerful doc

  • Dropdeck: Magically create beautiful slides — faster than ever

  • Easy Email Pro: A powerful, highly customizable email editor

  • Eraser: The Whiteboard for Engineering Teams

  • GitBook: Plan, centralize and share knowledge

  • Discord: Text & voice channels to collaborate & share

  • Grafana: Operational dashboards for your data

  • Guilded: Better chat, happier communities

  • Guru: Organize company information. Access it anywhere. [wiki]

  • Hygraph: The federated content platform

  • Kitemaker: Product development tool built to manage the work, not the workers

  • Living Spec: A modern way for product teams to work

  • Netlify CMS: Open source content management for your Git workflow

  • Notes Together: Get mundane details out of your head

  • Prezly: Turn your audience into fans

  • Quill Forms: Open Source Typeform Alternative WordPress Plugin

  • Sana: Reimagining learning with AI [LMS]

  • Platform for structured content [data driven content]

  • Slite: Where remote teams make decisions and share knowledge

  • Static CMS: Git-based CMS for Static Site Generators

  • Taskade: Get work done in one unified workspace


These pre-packaged editors are built on top of Slate, and can be helpful to see how you might structure your code:

(Or, if you have their exact use case, can be a drop-in editor for you.)

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