Text objects represent the nodes that contain the actual text content of a Slate document along with any formatting properties. They are always leaf nodes in the document tree as they cannot contain any children.

interface Text {
  text: string

Static methods

Retrieval methods

Text.matches(text: Text, props: Partial<Text>) => boolean

Check if text matches a set of props.

The way the check works is that it makes sure that (a) all the props exist in the text, and (b) if it exists, that it exactly matches the properties in the text.

If a props.text property is passed in, it will be ignored.

If there are properties in text that are not in props, those will be ignored when it comes to testing for a match.

Text.decorations(node: Text, decorations: Range[]) => Text[]

Get the leaves for a text node, given decorations.

Check methods

Text.equals(text: Text, another: Text, options?) => boolean

Check if two text nodes are equal.

Options: {loose?: boolean}

  • loose?: When true, it checks if the properties of the Text object are equal except for the text property (i.e. the String value of the Text). When false (default), checks all properties including text.

Text.isText(value: any) => value is Text

Check if a value implements the Text interface.

Text.isTextList(value: any): value is Text[]

Check if value is an Array of only Text objects.

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