import Plain from 'slate-plain-serializer'

A serializer that converts a Slate Value to and from a plain text string.


The Slate editor gives you full control over the logic you can add.\n
In its simplest form, when representing plain text, Slate is a glorified <textarea>. But you can augment it to be much more than that.\n
Check out for examples!



Plain.deserialize(string: String, [options: Object]) => Value

Deserialize a plain text string into a Value. A series of blocks will be created by splitting the input string on \n characters. Each block is given a type of 'line'.

If you pass toJSON: true as an option, the return value will be a JSON object instead of a Value object.


Plain.serialize(value: Value) => String

Serialize a value into a plain text string. Each direct child block of the document will be separated by a \n character.

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